• Video Streaming
    Video Streaming
    • Streaming video on any device and platform
    • Video on Demand (VOD) over RTMP
    • RTMP live streaming
    • Deliver high quality videos to your audience with continuous streaming
    • Intelligent load balancing for video delivery
    • Real-time analytics and statistics. See how audience is interacting with your video
    • Rest API. Always control how you deliver content
  • E-Commerce
    • Your online store is always open for business, regardless of traffic, even during holiday rush
    • Improve your SEO and the “findability” of your products
    • Protect sensitive data with SSL
    • Crash protection
    • DDOS protection
    • Fast load times – decrease bounce rate
    • Real-time analytics
  • Media
    • Deliver news on time
    • Your site is always ready for visitors even during peak times
    • Protect your content with SSL
    • Decrease load on your hardware
    • All major content types supported
    • Instant purge
    • Safe storage
    • Origin Shielding
    • Latest technology HTTP/2
  • Advertising
    • Rich media ads served quickly
    • Fast loading ads increase conversion rates and unique visits
    • Deliver advertising to any smart device and website
    • All major types of advertising supported
    • Secure Delivery with SSL
    • HTTP/2 support
    • Real-time control and analytics
  • Software & Games
    Software & Games
    • Users have high expectations for wait times to access software
    • With G-Core CDN, never worry about instability of load times
    • Instant purge provides users with the latest content, immediately
    • REST API. Complete control over how you deliver content
    • Protect your content with SSL Network
    • SSL Protection
    • HTTP/2 Support
    • Users remain engaged longer

Why G-Core CDN

We've created a next generation CDN with massive scale and strategic locations within a short distance of major markets - resolving two major concerns of content delivery: speed and cost.
Our content delivery network is proven to be the world's fastest in Eastern Europe, CIS, and Russia with locations all over the globe.

  • Unprecedented IT infrastructure: Set several Guinness
    Book of World Records for most simultaneous online
    players at 1,114,000

  • Highest availability and lowest latency

  • Real-time control and automation

  • 100 million users, 1 million online at the same time

  • ISP license and 2800 peering partners worldwide

  • Instant purge, instant configuration, and 100% API

  • Free SSL, HTTP/2 fully supported, 100% SLA

  • No hidden charges

  • 24/7/365 hour multi-language support

  • Free CDN trial

Our Pricing
  • 5 TB per month
  • $ 250 month
  • $ .05 overage / One Global rate
  • 25 TB per month
  • $ 400 month
  • $ .04 overage / One Global rate
  • 100 TB per month
  • $ 2000 month
  • $ .02 overage / One Global rate

FREE: Secure SSL, Unlimited Domains, Advanced Analytics.

100% Global Delivery, 24/7/365 Support.

Custom plan
Network Map
Network Map
  • Network Capacity

    Network Capacity

  • Average response time

    Average response time

  • Server Throughput capacity

    Server Throughput capacity

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