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First and only gaming-tailored IT infrastructure in Russia & CIS

G-Core is a Luxembourg-based global IT solutions provider offering a wide range of services, including hosting, CDN, peering network, and different levels of support, from smart hands to DDoS protection to advice on local issues, and more. Initially developed to support online gaming, G-Core has three main KPIs: low latency, high availability and cost optimization.

These parameters run through many online industries, such as banking or streaming services, expanding client base far beyond gaming. Company DNA is creating custom solutions designed to address specific needs of the clients. Securing Wargaming as one of the first customers helped G-Core build an unprecedented network infrastructure to support World of Tanks’ rapidly growing game audience. In this, company contributed to setting several Guinness World Records of concurrent players.
"We evolved World of Tanks with G-Core support, overcoming challenges and reaching new heights together.
Believe me, it takes years to build an always-on infrastructure that can handle over a million PCCU"
Victor Kislyi, CEO
"Our Russian userbase has always been big, but we could not open our service officially until it lived up to player expectations. Finally, we found G-Core and can concentrate on what we do best!"
Martin Klimscha, CEO

Our Services

Regardless of scale—whether you obtain hundreds of thousands of new players daily or a few hundred—game client downloads and, especially, major game updates can mark the difference between success and failure. We’ve created a network of servers located within a short distance between every meaningful city, resolving two major concerns of content delivery: speed and cost.
Hosting your games in our IDCs gives you access to our whole infrastructure and opportunity to reinforce your operations with G-Core’s team of professionals. Our services encompass everything what you may need for successful game operations – server state monitoring, network optimization, DDoS prevention and many other services would allow you to concentrate on your core business.
It’s always a challenge to predict how a game will perform over time—some titles start with a lot of hype and lose their users within a few months; some start low and explode after release. With the former, publishers are left with hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of unused hardware. With the latter, publishers are losing precious users because the servers are simply full. We are developing G-Core cloud as an efficient solution that allows you to deploy servers in minutes and scale up or down on demand while maintaining performance and keeping the user experience at the highest level.